Bertanie Warranty

All Bertanie furniture is guaranteed for one year against all manufacturing defects. In addition to a standard one year warranty, since 2012 Bertanie chairs also come with a ten (10) year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects on the construction of each chair frame.

All damages such as scratches, gashes, broken corners, finish or fabric imperfections due to handling and/or transport must be claimed within 7 days from the date of delivery to the consumer at which time Bertanie will repair and/or replace the product with another product of equivalent quality and nature. Any claim received afterwards will automatically be refused.

This standard limited warranty offered on all Bertanie furniture, as well as the ten (10) year limited warranty on all chair frames (since 2012), are non-transferable and only valid for the original owner from the date of delivery to the consumer. Any damages caused by fire, negligence, inadequate cleaning or usage and/or damages caused by industrial use are not covered by the Bertanie Warranty.

If you do encounter any problems, please contact your Bertanie retailer.